15 April 2014 17:23

Ayia Napa has achieved a 5000% increase in profits - from €14,000 in 2012 to €720,000 in 2013, Mayor Yiannis Karousos told an open meeting in the coastal resort - the first since taking over his duties last year.
He said there had been an increase in revenue primarily from the beaches and overnight nights. The municipality also made significant savings from a 5% cut in salaries (€250,000) a 60% cut in overtime pay (€81,000), 13% savings on electricity (€78,000), better water management (leading to savings of €187,000)  a 25% cut in the budget for the cultural events (€93,000) without this affecting quality increased revenue from museums after agreements with Russian tour operators and a €264,000 saving in waste disposal levies among other.
He said all this was an answer to those who agree with the merger of municipalities. "We disagree. Ayia Napa has tourism as a weapon and therefore does not need a state subsidy in order to be able viable."
He added that Ayia Napa Municipality should serve as a good example for others to copy. The municipality would have see profits of €1 million if the state had not benefited from the reduction in salaries and reduced its subsidy by €170,000.


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