16 April 2014 10:41

Some 30 buildings have been classified as dangerous in the capital, 18 are apartment blocks, while owners are not making the necessary repairs and maintenance of their properties despite official warnings.
There are also another 52 buildings under preservation that have been classified as dangerous and many other dilapidated constructions. Near the buffer zone, there are about 200 dilapidated buildings that are being preserved with the initiative of Nicosia municipality.
Following the incident when part of the balcony of an old apartment block in Kennedy Avenue collapsed, Nicosia municipality has issued a statement stating that maintenance and repair of buildings is the responsibility of the owners.
It also urged for a new legislative framework that will force owners to make the necessary repairs.
The condition of the building on Kennedy was announced as critical in 2011, while the municipality warned owners that if they do not repair the construction, the municipality would intervene and charge them with the costs.
However, no one repaired the building which led to part of the balcony falling off, luckily with no one hurt.
Nicosia municipality blames the flat owners for the fact that the apartment building had not been preserved and the state for the fact it did not move to approve legislation that would force owners to maintain their properties.
The municipality said that as soon as problems were detected on Kennedy avenue building, the municipality’s Technical Service sent a letter to owners warning them to carry out repairs. It fell on deaf ears.
Follow-up checks carried out two years later showed that nothing had been done, another letter was sent to all owners on March 26, 2013 where they noted that owners are liable for any damages that might occur due to their negligence.


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