17 April 2014 07:28

Nicosia – The House Institutions Committee has decided to publicise the names of those who received favourable loans and transferred money abroad prior to the haircut, as well as bankers’ bonuses, it said on Wednesday.
During their last meeting to discuss the final draft of the report, MPs decided to include the names of four politicians who were included in the banks’ lists, namely MPs Prodromos Prodromou and Nicos Koutsou, as well as former MPs Aristofanis Georgiou and Sophocles Hadjiyiannis.
The list of 11,000 natural and legal persons who are said to have transferred funds abroad between June 2012 and March 2013 will also be publicised, along with the specific dates and amounts for each one.
The committee has also decided to include a list of appendices in the report containing the positions of the political parties.


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