18 April 2014 13:38

Larnaca is seeing an increase in the trend for cycling, with a large network of cycling paths in the pipeline for newly constructed roads, and the creation of various organised cycling groups. The region is perfect for cycling thanks to excellent weather conditions, a lack of strong headwinds and varied terrain and scenery, and as such, it has always attracted cyclists from abroad. It is also a popular destination for cycling tournaments such as the Cyprus Sunshine Cup.
In the future there will be a large network of cycling paths, which are currently being constructed as part of the major infrastructure projects taking place in the town.
The areas that will gain cycle/walking paths include Artemidos Avenue (the old airport road), and the Limassol road, amongst others.  The bicycle network will total 52 kilometres and will be significant in facilitating movement, as well as encouraging the environmentally positive practice of using bicycles over cars.
The practice of cycling is seeing a rise in numbers with the formation of several cycling groups who meet weekly for rides en masse, including the Larnaca Cycling Community and Podilatoparea Savvatou.
Larnaca Cycling Community meet every Wednesday evening, 6.30pm at Europe Square (the start of the Finikoudes promenade) for group rides. The group says the purpose of the rides is "for everyone to take part irrespective of age, stamina and bike gear".
A spokesman said: "We feel that Larnaca has a bright future in regards to cycling and a cycling spirit, and we aim to develop a cycling culture and a proper cycling mentality. We are also active in promoting cycling safety and are present at any other event that helps promote cycling in our society in general."
You can find out more on their Facebook page: Larnaca Cycling Community.
Podilatoparea Savvatou meet at 8am on Saturdays at meeting points stated on their Facebook page (Podilatoparea Savvatou), where routes are announced one or two days prior. Their goal is to "empower cyclists to gain the strength and endurance… and to get people loving cycling".
Dinos Hadjivarnava says: "Our vision is to encourage people to move with bicycles wherever there is no need to take a car, like for distances of 2-4km. Not only does this offer ease of travel, but great health benefits also."


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