18 April 2014 14:04

Half of Cypriot motorists do not know how to properly approach or use a roundabout, according to the results of a new road safety survey.
Speaking to the media, President of REACTION, Youth Organisation for Road Safety Marios Stavrou confirmed that 51% of the drivers interviewed in the survey stated they are only vaguely aware of roundabout rules while 34% said they are very familiar with such regulations.
"The study which launched on April 15, 2013 and was completed on April 15, 2014 involved interviews with 675 drivers from all over Cyprus," said Stavrou. "The respondents were 56% men and 44% women of various ages."
According to the safety group head, the survey also revealed that only 46% of drivers know how to correctly drive on the new three-lane highway while an alarming proportion of motorists stated they are unaware of what to do in crisis situations and extreme weather conditions.
"In cases where the vehicle bursts a tire while in motion only 29% of drivers are aware of how to safely stop the car. And only 25% are aware of how to drive in extreme winter and summer conditions."
Commenting on road safety standards in Cyprus, 54% of the drivers interviewed described them as "satisfactory" while 18% answered "average". Regarding the effectiveness of road safety initiatives managed by the authorities, 76% of drivers said they believe they are effective. On public road safety awareness, 29% of drivers said it needs to be drastically improved while 24% said increased levels of policing would be more successful and 18% stating they would like to see additional training for new drivers.
"The results of the survey are being used by REACTION to design the largest ever road safety programme for young people and learner drivers in Cyprus which will be implemented together with the authorities responsible for road safety."
Stavrou added that prior to the launch of the programme, REACTION members will be visiting towns and villages to distribute pamphlets and educational material on safe driving practices.


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