19 April 2014 09:55

The owner of a restaurant in the Turkish Cypriot quarter Piale Pasha in Larnaca is under investigation after he knocked down a dilapidated building and claimed it collapsed in order to bypass building restrictions.
Police confirmed the owner of the well-known Miliztis Tavern was arrested after confessing to the crime during questioning.
The Ministry of Interior yesterday confirmed that the building in question which is next to the suspect's business was inspected last week by custodians of Turkish Cypriot property and found it to be in a stable condition.
"The Larnaca District Administration Office on Wednesday received a report that a number of individuals were demolishing the building and notified the police immediately," said the ministry.
"Police officers inspected the building again and concluded that it did not collapse by itself before the restaurant owner was placed under arrest," it added. According to the police, during questioning the suspect confessed to having had the building knocked down to create space for a parking lot for his restaurant's customers.
The suspect last week alerted the media over the supposed near collapse of the building and the danger it posed before articles were published on the story.


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