22 April 2014 13:06

A costly internet may mean that sending an email is relatively expensive in Cyprus, but all indications are that the island has one of the cheapest 'traditional' post offices in Europe.
A survey carried out by Germany's Deutsche Post analyzing postal dues in the 28 member states of the European Union show that local post in Cyprus is the third cheapest in the bloc.
More specifically it costs €0.26 to post a letter within Malta, €0.29 in Slovenia and €0.34, in Cyprus. In Romania it costs €0.36 while in Greece, ranked the eighth most expensive, local post is a much higher €0.72.
The EU average is €0.62, more than twice the rate in Cyprus.
Cyprus is also very cheap when it comes to sending a letter to another EU country.
The survey shows Cyprus is the second cheapest among the 28 after Romania where  postage costs of €0.51.
Portugal is almost four times more expensive at €1.90, while Greece is ranked 19th with €0.90.
The EU 28 average is €1.03 - double that of Cyprus. The survey shows that Cyprus is the third cheapest, even when the purchasing power of the population is taken into consideration.
Moreover, Cyprus' post offices are the fourth cheapest in postal services across the board.
And whereas postal dues have risen since 2004 as a general rule throughout Europe, Cyprus and Croatia have bucked the trend with a 20% and a 62% drop respectively.
On average in the EU 28, postal costs have risen 19% on average, taking into consideration rise in inflation. Finland saw the biggest jump (up €0.20 in 2013), while Denmark also registered a 10% hike.
To send a letter in Denmark requires stamps worth €1.21 and in Finland €1.00. Britain is the seventh most expensive European country to send a letter (€0.73), while France was 11th (€0.66).


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