22 April 2014 17:55

The European Parliament elections in the Trachypedoula may end up being held in the middle of the road because of a dispute between the community council and its tenant.
Trachypedoula community leader Constantinos Fereos has written to Interior Minister Socratis Hasikos requesting action be taken so that use of the buildings is returned to the council.
“We do not have any other public space for the elections unless they are held on a public street,” he said.
The issue arose after the former community council mistakenly ‘donated’ the community buildings to a private individual. They have tried to correct the error since, but the individual is refusing to leave.
In January 2012 the new council asked for the district officer of Paphos to intercede so that the tenant uses the cafeteria, and the council the rest of the building. Though agreement was reached it was never implemented. The tenant is asking for €15,000 to cover the cost of furnishings he put in the buildings in order to leave.


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