22 April 2014 17:54

 The Centre for Performing Arts “Mitos” will feature in “Songs of my neighbours,” a co-funded EU Culture programme carried out between autumn 2013 and summer 2015. The collaborative initiative, carried out in Cyprus, Italy and Poland aspires to facilitate dialogue and social justice among communities living in conflict zones through the arts and theatre.
“The basic idea of this European project is: “If I sing the songs of my neighbour, who lives in my country and with whom I am in conflict, will there be a change in our relationship?’” explains Elena Agathokleous, Artistic Director of “Mitos”.
“Beyond the propaganda and ghosts with which our generation has grown, we want to clearly see who our Turkish Cypriots neighbours are.”
Singing, listening, dialogue and understanding serve as the very essence of the programme and appear through two questions: “What would happen if we listen to each other’s songs?” and “What happens if we sing each other’s songs?”
The exchange of songs and stories during the process of artistic research is the starting point of the plan of activities, mentions an announcement on the event.
“Traditional songs, conventional songs and invented traditions which contain cultural information about the “other” us, the songs and stories of communities that share a critical issue: Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, Poles and Jews, Italians and Roma will be illustrated through a series of activities.”
In addition, the experience and knowledge gathered during the artistic research will lead to novel theatrical performances, concerts, conferences, film screenings, a documentary production, an artistic residency, fellowships, workshops, a human library, and book publishing, with the aspiration that it will lead to effective cooperation and understanding.
“The programme “Songs of my neighbours” has a vision to encourage intercultural sensitivity and dialogue, empathic listening and understanding of our neighbours,” concludes the announcement.
As a whole the programme aims to deal with the complex issues of separation and migration in multicultural societies, to promote cooperation and ethnic and religious tolerance among communities experiencing conflict.
“Mitos” focuses on theatrical productions, workshops, screenings, symposia and creating a platform for arts performances in Cyprus. The centre emphasises social aspects of the local community and works with European and international cultural networks to support mobility and artistic exchange. Activities will open for the public on May 2 and will end at the end of the year. More information can be found on http://songsofmyneighbours.eu and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Songs-of-my-Neighbours/193075787483494


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