24 April 2014 09:44

International Noise Awareness day will be taking place on April 30 with events planned around the globe to promote the negative impacts of noise pollution on human health and wildlife.  Green party spokesperson Efi Xanthou said the internationally celebrated day urges everyone to think about what they can do to reduce the impact of noise on others. "Noise pollution can seriously reduce the quality of life, it can also have detrimental impact on the environment."  Xanthou added that despite the economic troubles most governments are facing it is important that measures are implemented to ensure the health and wellbeing of residents impacted by excessive noises. "During difficult times good health and peace of mind is all many people have and we need to help preserve this."  More recently, concern has been raised about the impact of human generated noise on wildlife and its potential to disrupt the natural soundscape - the multiple sounds living things use to signal and communicate to each other. At the same time the value of open green space that is also peaceful, is being recognised as important in promoting mental health and in encouraging physical activity. According to campaigns manager of BirdLife Cyprus Martin Hellicar, noise pollution is a very serious issue that does not receive the attention it should.  

"Noise pollution is an invisible threat to wildlife that can have very serious consequences. There are many natural habitats that would make a perfect home for wildlife species but when situated close to noise areas animals just won't live there."


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