24 April 2014 11:00

Cypriots trust Cyprus Airways and want the cash-poor national carrier to continue flying, according to a poll commissioned by the management and released yesterday.
“Cyprus Airways today survives without getting even one cent from the state and the Cypriot tax-payer. The company gets by on its own money, has savings and increased revenue,” board chairman Tony Antoniou told a press conference.
“The most important message to be sent out to the public but also to the government which has opted not to close down Cyprus Airways is that one in three of those polled want the national carrier not to shut down,” he added.
The poll, carried out by Limassol-based CMR Cypronetwork Marketing Research between February 17 and March 17, used a random sample of 1000 people who were personally interviewed.
It shows that the overall image of Cyprus Airways by Cypriots is very positive by 14%, positive by 31%, negative by 10%, very negative by 7%, neither positive nor negative by 24% and 14% would not give an answer.
Data also showed that Paphos has the worst image of Cyprus Airways (47%) but the company attributes that to its decision to stop using the coastal town’s airport.
On the other hand, Nicosia has the most positive image of Cyprus Airways (70%).
Out of all those questioned, 48% said flight safety is the top advantage of Cyprus Airways, followed by friendliness/attitude of staff with 34% and professional standard of employees with 28%.
On the negative side, ticket prices are top with 48%, followed by flight network/destinations covered with 16% and limited direct flights with 12%.
Asked whether CA should shut down, 66% said no, only 5% said yes, 13% said they neither agreed nor disagreed with such a possibility and another 16% would not answer.
In addition, 56% of those polled consider the airline should survive no matter what, 12% disagree with such a statement, while 14% said they neither agreed nor disagreed and 17% would not give an answer.
On whether CA should stay in Cypriot hands, 52% said yes, 11% disagreed, 22% neither agreed nor disagreed and 15% would not answer.
The airline is struggling to attract a strategic investor as it seeks extra funding to keep afloat.


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