28 April 2014 11:16

Ankara is undermining the on-going settlement process, seeking to promote new faits accomplis while preparing for the day after a possible collapse of the UN sponsored peace process. Turkey’s first step is to seek energy rights for the north in an effort to upgrade its international status.
With an official document submitted to the United Nations (TURKUNO DT/4513427) and addressed to the Secretary-General, Ankara sets out the 27 new coordinates demarcating the continental shelf between Turkey’s shores and those of the Turkish-held north.
In the document dated April 10, 2014, it further requests that this demarcation be made internationally official in the Law of the Sea Bulletin and posted on the website of DOALOS (Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea) which includes maritime boundaries, maritime zones and areas.
Under the Law of the Sea, only sovereign states have the right to a continental shelf.
Secondly, with new ‘legislation’ Ankara is expanding the mandate of the immovable property commission also giving Turkish Cypriots the right of recourse. The aim is an exchange of property, while making Turkey ‘owner’ of properties in the government controlled areas.
According to informed sources at an urgent session held last Friday at the Foreign Ministry, the attorney general’s office undertook to examine the legal implications of Turkey’s actions, also in relation to European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decisions.
The attorney general’s office will particularly look into whether the mandate of the IPC runs against the decision of the ECHR making the IPC a domestic remedy.


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