29 April 2014 10:57

Central Bank lists of those who received approval to transfer money abroad between the first and second Eurogroup meetings will be compared to the lists of defunct Laiki Bank and the Bank of Cyprus, it was announced yesterday.
According to Central Bank spokesperson Aliki Stylianou, Governor Chrystalla Georghadji has given instructions for the list held by the Central Bank to be double-checked against the two banks’ lists to ensure that all selected authorisations for transfers were legitimate.
Local banks were closed between the first and second Eurogroup meetings from March 15 to 27, 2013. The Central Bank gave selective authorisations for money transfers for government services and humanitarian reasons, in agreement with the Troika.
However, suspicions have been raised that funds were also moved without legitimate justification, while other persons who have since been declared bankrupt appear to have moved millions to foreign bank accounts.
Chairman of the House Institutions Committee Demetris Syllouris said that each case will be examined to determine how and by whom approval was given to transfer money abroad during the restricted period.
“Some may be justified and legal, but there may also be cases which the committee is obligated to investigate,” Syllouris said.
The final draft of the committee’s report on the economic meltdown will be discussed on May 6 and will include both collective conclusions as well as the additional findings of political parties, following a decision made before Easter.
At the same time, commenting on the transfer of money from Focus Maritime Corporation to political parties, Attorney General Costas Klerides said that no official announcements will be made until the investigation has been completed.
He also said that all the necessary evidence has been secured by the authorities and that an investigation will be carried out in both Cyprus and Greece to find further information.
The Interior Ministry said yesterday that only five of eight political parties had responded to the ministry’s request for their financial statements by March 31, 2014 in accordance with the law.


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