29 April 2014 11:08

Nicosia yesterday condemned Turkey’s decision to send a document to the Secretary General of the United Nations regarding the so-called agreement for the delineation of a continental shelf between Turkey and the pseudostate.
According to government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides, the document dated April 10, 2014, concerns the submission of 27 new geographical coordinates of what Turkey considers to be its own continental shelf and the continental shelf of the pseudostate, in the maritime area between the northern coast of the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey.
“The Note Verbale refers to the so-called ‘Agreement of Delineation’ between Turkey and the pseudostate, which was ratified by Turkey through Law 6344, dated June 29, 2012.
“That is to say, it has to do with the so-called ‘agreement of delineation of continental shelf’ that was signed in New York between Turkey and the secessionist entity on September 21, 2011,” Christodoulides said.
The spokesman pointed out that the ‘agreement’ does not have any legal validity in the international legal order and it is therefore ‘legally non-existent’ and ‘invalid’.
He also said that the document has been sent at a crucial moment for negotiations on the Cyprus problem, causing a negative effect and undermining the ongoing peace process.
Christodoulides added that the issue is being investigated by the Permanent Mission of the Republic in New York, and that “the government is taking all the necessary actions in order to prevent the creation of a new, illegal fait accompli”.
It is noted that under the Law of the Sea, only sovereign states have the right to a continental shelf.


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