29 April 2014 16:12

A House Institutions Committee meeting to discuss the final draft of the report on the economic meltdown is currently underway.
The committee is expected to decide whether or not to include the names of those who transferred money abroad between the two Eurogroup meetings from March 16-27.
Central Bank Governor Chrystalla Georghadji who is attending the meeting said that in the coming days information from the CB will be cross-referenced against the banks’ lists on deposit outflows during that period.
Committee chairman Demetris Syllouris said on Tuesday morning that the suggestions and amendments made to the report during the previous meeting will be double-checked.
Political parties will also be given the opportunity to make further submissions of information.
He also said that there may be suggestions regarding the outflow of deposits between March 1 and 15, while MPs will also examine new evidence handed to the committee by Georghadji.

UPDATE - The House Institutions Committee has postponed a decision regarding the publication of names of people who transfered money abroad until tomorrow, it has been annnouced.

UPDATE - Central Bank Governor Chrystalla Georghadji has agreed to help with the information and will investigate the outflow of deposits that occurred from Laiki bank in June 2012, after the bank’s state support of €1.8 billion had been approved. For the period between March 1 and 15 the CB will also perform random checks to find out who transferred large amounts of money abroad and will reveal the names in case of large outflows.
The governor will also look into transfers between March 16 and 27 when the banks were closed to examine whether outflows occurred without the approval of the Central Bank and whether the transfers that had been approved were justified. The CB will also investigate transactions that occurred after the haircut on deposits during which time strict restrictions had been enforced.


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