30 April 2014 13:17

The creator of the original water ball on Tuesday warned that operators must always adhere to the strict safety regulations after a 13-year-old boy was killed in an accident while using a similar product in Greece.
Speaking to The Cyprus Daily from Italy, Charles Jones, who invented the water ball 16 years ago, confirmed that today there are many spin-offs of the original product on the market that are used for similar entertainment purposes.
"All products of this type come with very strict safety rules that must be followed precisely when used. Failing to do so can be extremely dangerous," he warned.
The tragic accident in southern Athens on Sunday caused the death of a 13-year-old boy and seriously injured his nine-year-old sister.
According to reports the children were playing inside an inflatable water roller which was floating on a swimming pool when strong sudden winds lifted the cylinder from the water and smashed it onto a metallic barrier about 30 metres away. The ball was also unattached.
The Greek authorities have since confirmed that the amusement park where the accident occurred is not licensed and may not have been following safety regulations.
According to Jones, water balls and other inflatable pool rides should never be used in windy conditions.
"Water balls should only be used with a rope attached to them and come with one for safety reasons."
While some water rollers are made to hold two people, Jones reminded that water balls are made for use by only one person at a time on the inside of the ball.  
The inventor added that he is available to answer any questions the authorities may have on the use of water balls in general.
There are recorded instances of children crashing onto hard surfaces while inside the balls when the products have not been tied down and secured.


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