01 May 2014 10:33

The chair of the English School on Tuesday said the press was being misinformed about board meetings, suggesting there was an orchestrated effort to oust her.
In a statement to The Cyprus Daily, Magda Nicholson said the board "will definitely not be stepping down and already has started all possible procedures of securing our rights and protecting our good name".
This followed media coverage of a letter by the English School's unofficial parent and teacher association asking for her to be removed.
Commenting on the press reports, Nicholson said: "I cannot but say that facts have been distorted and/or the truth not given with one target, my dismissal from this post."
Nicholson also said she does not believe the timing of the attack is coincidental: "Everyone knows we are starting the procedures of choosing a new headmaster."
She said the official parent body of the School for 50 years has been the ESPA. Almost two years ago, very few parents -- who also belonged to the ESPA -- formed a new group with some teachers who refused to co-operate with the existing ESPA despite calls for closer co-operation, Nicholson said.
The letter and media reports had accused Nicholson of attempting to get the same treatment for the children of the 11-member board as the children of school staff enjoy.
She said she had not only never proposed such a thing but also voted for the practice's abolition when previously a board member in 1999 -- even though her own child was due to take entrance exams at the time.
"Furthermore, the issue of reduction of fees for these parents was never up for vote. It seems to me that the person leaking all this information does not clearly understand what is being said at our meetings," Nicholson said.
She argued the second distorted fact reported was the alleged appointment of a personal friend of hers.
Nicholson said the person was an old girl and the parent of two students but that was the sum of their acquaintance and that the board had from the start agreed to approach alumni "to secure hopefully a better price for our School, thus for the benefit or our students".


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