05 May 2014 13:05

The government is on the ago again, seeking new investment exploit and support for its Famagusta package proposal. 
This time, President Anastasiades is taking the finance minister and the spokesman to Berlin for talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as the business elite. According to reports, Nicosia is seeking ideas and technical expertise on the revival and longer term survival of small and medium sized businesses. In the past year the sector has taken a huge dent, with hundreds of such businesses closing down. Germany is a success story in this aspect.
Anastasiades will address a high profile business conference with many German investors who have plenty of cash to spare.
Finance Minister Harris Georgiades noted that Cyprus remains in regular contact with its main European partners on the course of its economic recovery programme and possible cooperation, describing the Germany visit as a highlight of this effort.
Talks, as he stressed, will of course focus on issues of financial policy, expressing the hope that “certain decisions will be reached, relating to financial partnership”. Following recent Anastasiades-Merkel talks, he noted, a lot of preparatory work has been done in pushing forward this cooperation at the level of Cyprus and Germany finance ministries’.
In his address at the Disy conference yesterday, President Anastasiades expressed the certainty that Merkel will show solidarity both to himself personally and to his country, in the same way that Jean Claude Juncker has always done.
He also pointed to the government’s investment campaign trail at a wider scale, particularly the upgrading of relations with Israel without undermining traditionally good ties with Arab countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and the Arab Gulf States.
Anastasiades did also stress that the administration succeeded in deepening the US partnership without overturning excellent historic relations with Russia.


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