06 May 2014 10:11

With the economic situation of the state and Paphos Municipality ruling out chances of implementing any major infrastructure development projects in the foreseeable future, Paphos is reviewing its policy to adapt to the harsh these new conditions.
In this context, Paphos Municipality, professional associations and operators in the tourism industry of the district are promoting the diversification of activities and improvement of the operation of businesses and services in order to make the image and product offered by the city and province more attractive, without requiring major investments.
An example of this new awareness is an attempt to change the commercial centre of the town, by changing the use of public spaces and businesses.
Given the new delay in the entire restoration of the historic centre due to the crisis, Paphos Municipality is trying, in cooperation with shopkeepers, to gradually promote some changes in order to bring people to the "bazaar", by hosting general events and not just trade in the centre.
Speaking about the initiative, the chairman of the Paphos Municipal Market, Nikos Konikkos, explained that the intention is for the important shopping streets of the historic centre of Paphos, Archbishop Makarios and Paphos Chrysanthou, to be converted into the "Ermou" Street of Paphos.
In order to revive the traditional "bazaar" of the city, attract visitors to it and assist businesses which have been struggling in recent years, Konikkos submitted a proposal to the City Council to convert these commercial streets into pedestrian routes for easier access to consumers, to combine shopping with leisure activities and for other activities, such as restaurants and cafes, to be developed.
Konikkos said that the pedestrianisation of Archbishop Makarios and Paphos Chrysanthou Street will start from the beginning of Makarios avenue, at Kennedy Square and end at Paphos Chrysanthou, at the intersection with Fellahoglou.
"The side streets of these main streets will be able to develop commercial activities in the service sector, such as restaurants, taverns and cafes in order to revive the entire centre.
On a practical level, Archbishop Makarios and Paphos Chrysanthou street will open at a specific time early each morning for the purposes of refuelling business from suppliers vehicles," he said.
Konikkos stated that based on first drafts of existing studies, this measure will not cause insurmountable obstacles to traffic in the centre, since the traffic is estimated to be able to be handled comfortably by peripheral routes such as the route on Fellahoglou street.


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