06 May 2014 10:10

A 14-year-old girl allegedly raped and assaulted by a 35-year-old Nicosia man and a 57-year-old well known businessman from Larnaca was found by police early yesterday and has given a statement at Larnaca police station in the presence of her parents.
According to Cyprus Daily sources, the girl corroborated and strengthened the story of a 15-year-old allegedly also raped and badly beaten by the two men, as she was reportedly made to watch.  
According to the same sources police describe the 14-year-old girl's testimony as 'key to the case'.
She allegedly said that she met the 35-year-old a year ago through drug trafficking circles and he had taken her to Larnaca before to provide paid sexual favours to the 57-year-old. She described the alleged rape of herself and the 15-year-old both at the Nicosia apartment of the 35-year-old and in Larnaca.
The girl's phone number is understood to have been found on the memory of the 35-year-old's mobile who claims he was not aware the girls were under-aged.
The remand order against the two men ends tomorrow and authorities will seek its renewal, based on the testimony of the alleged second victim and other evidence at their disposal.
The 57-year-old is being held under guard at Larnaca General Hospital after complaining of ill health. He refuses to cooperate with police, while initially, according to sources, had been 'profoundly shocked' and wanted to offer assistance in every way he could.


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