06 May 2014 20:06

Two years after Russia-born millionaires Andrey and Julia Dashin made Cyprus their second home and fell in love with the country they decided to give something back.
Yesterday, they launched their new charity called Andrey and Julia Dashin's Foundation because as Julia told a press conference in Nicosia:  "When you are successful and financially able to give back you should give back."
"Indifference to the problems of other people is a sign of immaturity of the soul," added the well-known in Russia TV personality and mother of three young children.
She also said that in her previous line of business, she was described in media as being 'beautiful', 'trendy' or 'fashionable'.
"But, today, in the context of our charity, I would prefer to be described as being useful to society, helpful and giving," she added.
The foundation's objective is to offer support to Cypriot society by giving the opportunity to individuals and organisations in need to apply for financial aid.
Limassol-based Andrey Dashin who is the founder of ForexTime Ltd and board chairman of the Alpari brand said the foundation's annual budget is half a million euros. And the aim is to double the amount in two to three years' time.
"It will be as transparent as possible, truly accountable and run with the help of volunteers," Andrey said.
"I believe that we all love this island regardless of our birthplace. We all see our own future and the future of our children tightly bound to Cyprus. But unfortunately, not all of us understand that we also have responsibilities towards it," he added.
Dashin believes everybody has a responsibility towards the island and should take appropriate action for its future.
The foundation will work on a grant basis, paying diligent attention to the process of selecting eligible persons for the grants.
It also intends to actively and passionately promote volunteerism by encouraging young people to participate in charity projects, and by cooperating with local authorities and other NGOs towards this.
Dashin said the foundation will rely on its own abilities even though cooperation - whenever possible - with the government will be welcomed.
At the end of the conference, Andrey and Julia donated €15,000 to the Cyprus Autistic Association's president Tasoula Georgiadou.
She said: "This donation came out of their own initiative. Once they were informed about our cause, their response was overwhelming."
For more information visit: http://www.dashinfoundation.org/


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