07 May 2014 16:04

Tuesday's welcome rain is expected to abate a little today but wetter weather is expected through until Friday.
According to Meteorological Service official Panayiotis Mouskos, some rain is to be expected at the start of May as unpredictable spring weather leads into the dryer summer.
With temperatures slightly below normal yesterday, they will rise slightly today before falling again with the arrival of heavier showers from tomorrow, Mouskos told The Cyprus Daily.
Wednesday's rain is expected to be limited to mountainous areas while dryer and warmer weather can be expected from the weekend.
The rain is especially welcome after the Agricultural Insurance Organisation in late April reported some €14 million damage to their crops and livestock due to this year's drought.
This year had been the driest concerning rainfall since 1991 with most dams being more than half empty, according to the Water Development Department.
According to the department, dam capacity had dropped to 45.6% while the period from October 2013 to September 2014 is expected to be the worst of all time since water levels will not significantly rise before the winter.
Due to the drought many livestock farmers are forced to sell their animals at ridiculously low prices or export them. However, this has resulted in a loss of productive animals which means that internal market needs are not met due to lack of milk.
This has also led to a reduction in the production of halloumi cheese and as a result Cyprus loses large sums from lost sales.


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