08 May 2014 17:25

A recent study conducted by the Organistion for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) found that pupils in Cyprus were the third most miserable amongst 65 participating countries.
The study was based the response to the question "Do you feel happy in school" posed to some 500,000 15-year-old school children from 65 different countries while also taking into account the pupils' performances in mathematics, natural sciences and writing.
Topping the list rankings as both happy and excellent pupils are from Singapore, Taiwan, and Switzerland and Hong Kong tied in third place, followed by pupils in Liechtenstein, Shanghai (China,) Japan, Iceland, Vietnam and Macau (China.)
The most both miserable and low-achieving pupils are found in Qatar, Argentina, Cyprus, Greece, Slovak Republic, Romania, Tunisia, in joint seventh and eighth place Russia and Montenegro, and Jordan.
When not combining state of mind with academic performance, the happiest pupils were found in Indonesia and the unhappiest in South Korea with the best test marks found in Shanghai (China) and the worst in Peru.
Released by the OECD at the start of 2014, the study was referred to earlier this week during Education Minister Costas Kadis' briefing education sector partners on World Bank proposals for improvements to Cyprus system. Teachers unions have already criticised the proposals saying they are based on erroneous information. Dialogue on the proposals is due to begin next month.
Kadis has noted the proposals are not binding but would be used as a useful tool to modernise the education system.


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