09 May 2014 09:13

House Institutions Committee chair Demetris Syllouris yesterday handed the report on the economic meltdown over to the Attorney General who assured he will track down those responsible.
Costas Klerides said that all the evidence included in the report will be used by the investigating team that is looking into criminal liability for the economy's downfall.
Syllouris said that the committee wants to see justice done as soon as possible and noted that the AG will have parliament's full cooperation including committee records and financial support for expert advice.
"I am certain that the Attorney General's office will move quickly with its work so at the end of the day justice can be served, the situation can be rectified and we can look at correcting the pathogenicity of the system," Syllouris said.
Meanwhile, Klerides said that at first glance the report seems to be the result of a tedious, lengthy and difficult investigation and is certain to contain a lot of evidence and conclusions which will be useful for the police investigative team which is continuing its criminal investigation.
He also said that the aim of the committee's investigation is completely different to that of the police at it aimed to exercise political control.
"Our work is different, it looks to resolving cases that potentially involve criminal offences," Klerides said.
"However, the material that is handed over can be used as a starting point to move towards the primary sources and secure additional documents, testimonies and so forth," he added.
The AG asked for understanding from the MPs but also citizens who are justifiably eager to see results, pointing out that the investigation of such issues is time-consuming and complex.
"I want to give assurances that we are working feverishly in order to speed up and reinforce the ongoing investigations in order to see practical results as soon as possible."
On Tuesday Syllouris publicised the list of deposit outflows during the period from March 16 to 27 when the banks were closed, after the committee had decided against it.
He said however that all the outflows during that period were legal as they had been approved, but it remains unclear by who and why.
A number of persons who were included on the list issued announcements demanding explanations for the information that has been made public and stressing that any money transfers were made through legitimate means.
They also criticised Syllouris for his gung-ho attitude in releasing the list.
A representative from the Central Bank had said that the only outflows that were carried out legally were for humanitarian reasons, such as pharmaceuticals and fuel, following approval by the CB committee.
However, the list revealed a number of companies that are not involved in either of the industries mentioned by the CB, such as transactions from brokerage companies' client accounts.


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