10 May 2014 11:50

The Public Health Services has prevented a large batch of potentially dangerous soft drinks from entering the local market after intercepting an import from Saudi Arabia.
Some 5,500 packages of the orange-flavoured soft drinks were stopped after tests on an earlier batch found it to contain higher than permitted levels of a food colourant.
Some 50 milligrams of the substance, E110, also known as Sunset Yellow FCF, Orange Yellow S, FD&C Yellow 6 or C.I. 15985, was found in each of the drinks while the maximum level for the specific volume is 20 milligrams.
Often used in orange-flavoured drinks, Sunset Yellow may be responsible for causing an allergic reaction in people with an aspirin intolerance resulting in various symptoms, including gastric upset, diarrhoea, vomiting, nettle rash (urticaria), swelling of the skin (angioedema) and migraines.
The Public Health Services are also carrying out investigations into whether or not batches of artificially-coloured sunflower oil sold as olive oil has made it to Cyprus shores.
The Greek authorities have taken six brands off the shelves after it emerged batches marked as Extra Virgin Olive Oil actually contained the less coveted and cheaper sunflower oil.
Cyprus' Health Services did not make any announcement in connection to their ongoing investigations yesterday.


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