12 May 2014 07:56

NICOSIA - Advertising the Goddess, the sun and the sea will not cut it for Cyprus anymore so a new branding campaign aims at shifting the perception of the holiday destination island.
This is the view of Los Angeles-based American-Cypriot Christos Joannides artist whose brainchild is the new case study on re-branding the economically-struggling country.
The “Cyprus - Beauty Worth Revisiting” artwork was publicly revealed on a dedicated website and page on facebook this week.
Joannides said: “We hope that our ideas and our branding direction will resonate with result in a much needed shift in the perception of the little island we all love”.
He added: “The ripple effects of such a feat, run much deeper than changing a logo or coming up with a memorable tagline. A strong unifying symbol stemming from the country’s history and unique culture changes people’s perception, instills pride, and renewed optimism”.
Joannides, who runs luxury branding agency Flat 6 Concepts, also argued that it establishes Cyprus as a viable, sophisticated, tourist destination for people looking to explore the Mediterranean.
“And that’s what Cyprus needs right now. The recent economic events have led the country not only to the brink of bankruptcy but also to disillusionment and mistrust,” he said.
“The tourist industry, once thriving has reached a plateau. Cyprus Airways, the pride and joy of the country is on life support. Something needs to be done,” he added.
Joannides also said that from the Venetians to Romans to Ottomans, to Hellenism under Ptolemaic rule and eventually independence from British colonialism in 1960, the logotype should speak to this rich history.
But not only, because the island is a holiday destination and so his creative team wanted to playfully accentuate the serifs to read as waves. And to convey a carefree "island breeze."
“The logotype becomes a metaphor for the history, the water and relaxation.
A customized serif font was inspired by the history of font usage during the Roman Empire,” he said.
“The navy blue colour reflects the deep hue of the Mediterranean Sea,” he added. And since the circular motif was prevalent in ancient Cypriot pottery making and has been used on many Cypriot handicrafts since then, simplified to its purest form it becomes a versatile, interchangeable symbol, he added.
The symbol can be used in a variety of applications and in different colours to complement advertising campaigns and other visual communication.


As regards compensation, Christos Joannides told The Cyprus Weekly that obviously the work is copyrighted and is for the sole use of Flat 6 Concepts.
“We are doing this to open a conversation and if the CTO or the Cyprus government loves the design and concepts and they want to use our work to promote the country then obviously a fee must be paid to compensate for the work, expertise and hours that have gone into the project,” he added.


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