11 May 2014 11:04

NICOSIA - The much-needed rainfall of the last few days is set to continue at least until Monday, the Meteorological Service says.
According to official figures rainfall so far this month had, by yesterday, amounted to a whopping 229% of May average rainfall while Water Development Department statistics yesterday stated dams were at an average 45.4% of their capacity.
According to the figures, the dam at Kalopanayiotis is at full capacity while the dam in Achna is only 13.2% full.
Although causing some travel problems due to rainwater accumulating on roads, the rain has been a welcome reprieve from a very dry winter.
Yesterday rainfall is expected to continue today with the weather worsening tomorrow and on Monday according to forecasts but not expected to reach the extremes of this past Thursday.
Rainfall and storms are not unusual for May, Meteorological Service official Panayiotis Georgiou said earlier this week, adding that while perhaps not impacting dam capacity very significantly to the length of the recent drought, the showers would be welcomed by farmers.
According to official forecasts, today will start off partly overcast inland with winds of three Beaufort and isolated showers and storms expected in the afternoon. Temperatures in and around Nicosia are forecast at a low of 12°C and high of 24°C today.
It will be significantly colder in the mountains at 6°C and 12°C with rain expected from the morning and isolated storms forecast in the afternoon.
Coastal areas are expected to be at least overcast with a strong chance of rain from the morning onwards with temperatures forecast slightly warmer than inland, at a low of 14°C and high of 23°C.
The pattern will be similar tomorrow and on Monday but the weather will be drier on Tuesday.


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