12 May 2014 21:52

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of UNFICYP (1964 - 2014), Danish officers and soldiers who served in the Danish Contigent on the island, will be organising a special gala event on May 29 in Copenhagen that will be dedicated to Cyprus.
Guests who have been invited and will attend include: Members of the royal family of Denmark, the Minister of Defence, the Ambassador of Cyprus, UN officials, diplomats, officers and soldiers who served in Cyprus, other Danish civic officials and the president  of the  Photos Photiades Breweries (Carlsberg Cyprus), Dr. Photos Photiades.
Organisers of the event, named  "Cyprus Night",  said that in honour of its high quality, Cyprus Carlsberg  beer enjoyed by Danish soldiers in Cyprus will be served as the official drink of the evening and  has already been exported to Copenhagen for the purpose.
According to the coordinator of the event,  Allan Vennike, who served with the Danish Contingent, in addition to Cyprus Carlsberg beer, the menu for the evening will also include exclusive Cypriot delicacies that will be prepared by a Greek restaurant in Copenhagen. There will also be speeches and a photo exhibition from Cyprus.
Niels Hartvig Andersen, President of the Blue Beret, Danish International Veteran Organisation, stated, "We want to bring to life in Copenhagen fine memories and nostalgic moments from  beautiful Cyprus the Island of Goddess of love and beauty and its friendly and hospitable people.  We spent unforgettable days there. We express our heartfelt thanks to the Carlsberg Brewery Cyprus and particularly to its Chairman, Dr. Photos Photiades, who was always been with us in all our events in Cyprus, just as he will honor us with his presence here in Copenhagen."
"'The blond', the Cyprus Carlsberg beer and its great taste could not be missing from the Cyprus night in Copenhagen,"  he said. "It accompanied us throughout our stay in Cyprus and made us proud of its high quality.
"We live in Denmark the home of Carlsberg, and are proud of it, but we also honour the Cyprus Carlsberg both for its unique quality and for brewing Carlsberg outside Denmark.  It put the foundation stone as it was the pioneer, for the first globalisation of  Carlsberg production".
After returning to Denmark, the Danish soldiers served as the best ambassadors for Cyprus in the Scandinavian countries.  This has contributed to attracting thousands of tourists to the island.
Photos Photiades Breweries, as a token of appreciation and respect  for the great contribution of the Danish Contingent, will award the  organisers with a special commemorative plaque. This plaque, together with photographs from Cyprus, will be  exhibited  at the Museum of Danish Contingent in Copenhagen.
Picture shows the ceremonial loading of Cyprus Carlsberg beer before it was shipped to Copenhagen in time for the event.  The public relations manager of Cyprus Carlsberg Breweries Andreas Smyrillis and the business development manager of Carlsberg International Henrik Persson wave the Cypriot and Danish flags, symbolising the good relations between the two countries.


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