13 May 2014 11:36

A 74-year-old man from Paphos was last night arrested after being caught allegedly filling up bottled water that he was selling from his tap.
The elderly man, who owns a company that sells bottled water, was reportedly caught in the act - filling up bottles from the tap in his shop – by police officers. He was placed under arrest and taken in for questioning where he told investigators that he was not refilling the empty bottles but instead cleaning them at the moment that the police entered his shop. He also claimed that another 30 water bottled, that were situated next to him at the time, were sealed and filled with approved drinking water.
The bottles from his shop have been confiscated and handed to the Health Services where they will run tests to establish whether or not they filled with water drawn from the Paphos Water Board.
According to the Health Ministry and the World Health Organisation (WHO) household tap water in Cyprus is safe to drink. Almost every home has a supply of fresh running water while tap water in hotels is also safe to drink.
In most homes, the incoming supply is split into two feeds - one which goes to a holding tank and another which goes direct to a drinking water tap in the kitchen. This reduces the risk of drinking water which may have become contaminated while sitting in the holding tank.
Despite the safety standards outlined by the government, many people still opt to drink bottled water or drinking water processed by private companies and delivered to water tanks in neighborhoods.


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