16 May 2014 09:23

In a country where animal welfare suffers day in and day out and the media report new cruel and unseen cases of animal cruelty every so often, few stories can help mend animal lovers' faith in humanity.
This is a story about a little tortoise, Crush, who was rescued by a lovely lady called Anne.  
The tortoise was taken into the Paphiakos Clinic as a rescue having been run over by a car.
His shell was broken, his face so swollen he could not open his eyes; his jaw was broken and split. He had an injury to his front leg which was bleeding after losing some of his claws.
Dr Filippos Ligdas operated on the tortoise to repair his shell and introduce a feeding tube to ensure fluids and diet could be given, bypassing his injured jaw.
When the tortoise was taken home, he required antibiotic injection daily, water and baby food had to be given via the feeding tube, four times a day, and he was kept under a sun lamp during the day.
After a week or so he managed to open one eye, the swelling around his head diminished and he became more active.
It was approximately three weeks before Crush started to eat a normal diet, now he eats with the other tortoises Anne looks after. Recently he has had his feeding tube removed and his condition continues to improve.
For more information on Paphiakos' work and events, about how you can support the organisation, see their website www.cyprusanimalwelfare.com, or their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Paphiakos


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