16 May 2014 10:50

The Green Party on Thursday condemned the barbaric abuse of two dogs in Tseri, Nicosia and has organised a petition for the creation of a police department responsible for animal welfare issues.
Also, proceedings at Nicosia Court in connection to the savage beating of a stray puppy two years ago continued yesterday with the accused and his lawyer viewing police photos of the dog.
The photos of the puppy, since named Thunder, were taken eight days after the attack.
According to an animal welfare group representative present at the hearing, two witnesses for the prosecution were also asked to take the stand yesterday. The proceedings will continue on June 3. After being savagely beaten by a man, in front of terrified children, Thunder has been adopted.
One of the two Tseri dogs, meanwhile, was still fighting for his life yesterday and, even he if recovers, is expected to be blind. The second dog, also male, has lost an eye.
The owner of the two Cane Corso dogs on Wednesday found them suffering from serious head injuries after apparently being beaten.
The unknown perpetrator, according to the dogs' owner Christos Merkouris, must have gone into their enclosure after entering the fenced area it is situated on.
Merkouris said he notified Lakatamia Police as soon as he had taken the dogs to the vet.
The vet, Manos Olympios, told Phileleftheros daily that one of the dogs had arrived in a comatose state.
Speaking to The Cyprus Weekly yesterday, Merkouris said he had taken the less injured of the two dogs home but that he still required medication.
He said he had been disappointed to hear it could be months before fingerprints found at the scene are linked to the perpetrator.
Merkouris also said two female Cane  Corso dogs, also in the cage, had thankfully been unharmed in the attack.
In its announcement yesterday, the Green Party said the incident "once again confirms our position that an animal police force must be formed, a body within the police which will deal with reports on the abuse and welfare of animals. The law voted in since 2012, on the Green Party's suggestion, must finally be implemented".
The party also invited the public to sign a petition demanding the setting up of the animal police force.


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