16 May 2014 14:01

Inia community leader Savvas Tsivikos said the Greens are to blame for the fact that Lara beach is littered, adding that the party had staged this situation in order to expose the community.
In response to Green Party charge that Lara beach area is littered and Inia community refused to clean it up as there are no funds, Tsivikos claimed the Greens, as part of their recent campaign "Let's Do it Cyprus" collected rubbish from various Akamas areas and dumped them at Lara on purpose to create "an issue".
He said the piles of rubbish bags placed at Lara were in the area of Kato Arodon then moved some ten days ago and transferred to Lara.
"The Greens announcement is full unfounded speculation. Their claims are not supported and the reasons they are attacking our community are obvious," said Tsivikos.  
The community leader said Inia has been made responsible for the cleaning of the two beaches at Lara every 15 days and twice a week during the summer months.
But the Greens said protected Lara beach in Paphos, home to the island's endangered turtles, was ridden with rubbish.
Greens said that Inia's community leader had told the party that there is not enough money in the coffers to collect the rubbish and that he applied to the district administration to allow the community to set up umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach in order to raise funds to clean the area.
However, the district administration has refused to issue permits and therefore the problem remains unresolved, the Greens said.
The Greens also said that the district administration is right not to grant permission for placing umbrellas and sunbeds on Lara beach, as the area is a globally recognised natural habitat, home to endangered species of turtles that visit the beach to lay their eggs.
Tsivikos said: "I don't understand why the Greens have a problem from the placing of sunbeds and umbrellas in the area. We've set up small numbers in order for the community to raise some funds to be able to cope with its poor financial situation caused by intrusions from the Greens and others in the area."
The Greens also criticised the community leader for taking advantage of the situation to develop the beach for tourism and refusing to collect the rubbish as he had originally promised. However, Inia said no one contacted them during the campaign for collection of the rubbish.
A government announcement yesterday confirmed that rubbish at Lara has since been removed after the Environment Commissioner stepped in.


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