16 May 2014 20:34

Just over half of Cypriots will certainly cast a vote in May 25’s European Parliament elections, according to three opinion polls. And ruling right-wing Disy is set to get most of the votes leaving second-placed Opposition left-wing Akel way behind and in doubt whether it will secure two seats this time around.
Out of the island’s total of six seats, Disy and Akel secured two each back in 2009, one went to centre Diko and the other to socialist Edek.
Last night’s poll on CyBC TV indicated that 53% of Cypriots will cast a vote.
And Disy would get 34.4% of the vote, followed by Akel’s 21.5%, Diko’s 11.1%, Edek/Green party coalition’s 7.7%, Citizens Alliance’s 6.5%, Message of Hope’s 5.4% and far right Elam’s 1.5%.
The poll, carried out by IMR/University of Nicosia between May 7 to 14, used a random sample of 1200 people aged 18 and above.
At the same time, private Sigma TV’s poll on Wednesday indicated that 47.3% will certainly vote.
And out of those votes to be cast, 30.3% go to Disy followed by Akel with only 18.9%, Diko 10.5%, Edek/Greens with 7.8%, Citizens Alliance’s 5.6% and Message of Hope’s 4%.
The poll was carried out by Prime Research and Consulting from May 5 to 10 using a random sample of 1000 people.
Private Mega TV’s poll had 51% of those questioned definitely casting a vote while 19% were thinking about it and 16% won’t bother.
The poll was conducted by Pulse Market Research using a random sample of 1000 people aged 18 and above.


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