19 May 2014 08:49

A group of Limassol residents have initiated an online petition asking the town’s Mayor Andreas Christou to cancel plans for the creation of a ‘Walk of Fame’ at the old town centre.
The petition had, at the time of writing, been signed by 580 residents who feel that the creation of a Walk of Fame is inconsistent with the area’s character.
“I am opposed to the Cyprus Walk of Fame project in the old city of Limassol as I believe that it would destroy the traditional character of the city.
“Limassol is not Hollywood and such an addition would go against the culture and traditions of Limassol.
“We need to protect the old city from these developments, which go against the creation of an aesthetically pleasing environment and show a blatant disregard for our history,” said Georgia Michaelides Saab, an art teacher and painter who initiated the online petition.
“There are beautiful old buildings that are left abandoned instead of being restored, we need  more trees in the city centre, so fake stars are certainly not a priority,” Michaelides Saab told the Cyprus Weekly.
The main part of the Walk of Fame will be placed along Demetris Mitropoullos pedestrian street, but the stars are expected to spread around all the pedestrian lanes of the Mediaeval Castle area.
According to project planners the first star is expected to be unveiled in December.
Those opposed to the Walk of Fame project’s chosen location claim that the Municipality failed to involve the public in decision making on a project that will have a strong impact on the old town’s appearance.
“This decision was taken independently of the wishes of the inhabitants of Limassol, even though they are the ones who will have to live with the detrimental consequences of this decision.
“The public could have been informed properly through the local media (newspapers, radio or TV) and there could have been an online voting, or a public consultation.
“I believe that a sustained effort to inform the public on this issue had not been made and the objections of those who knew about the project were not taken into consideration,” said Michaelides Saab.
“Asked whether the group would agree to a possible re-location of the Walk of Fame project, Michaelides Saab questioned the project’s value, but agreed that a relocation could act as a possible solution.
“I don’t think it would be an important addition to the city, anywhere.
“I believe, however, that when there are financial interests involved as opposed to cultural interests, it is usually money that has the upper hand, so a compromise would probably need to be reached.
“I am certain that there are other, more suitable streets in more contemporary parts of Limassol, where the stars could be placed and probably fit in with the surrounding architectural environment.
“It is totally unacceptable, however, that these  stars  should be embedded in a street in Limassol’s historic centre,” she said.
Cyprus Walk of Fame organisers are confident that the project will become a popular attraction for tourists and locals.
Similar ‘walk of fame’ projects have been done in over 50 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Canada and the USA.
The project is organised by Russian company ‘Cyprus Walk of Fame’.
The Mayor of Limassol Andreas Christou announced from the outset that this project will have no financial cost for the municipality.


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