20 May 2014 10:35

Consultant psychiatrist and healer Dr Brenda Davies will return to Cyprus from May 26 to June 1 with her island-wide workshops in Nicosia, Limassol and the Ledra Palace Buffer Zone.
Davies’ work aims to bring together people of diverse cultures to interact, share and learn peace-making skills.
“The intention of these workshops is to empower each person to have awareness that he or she is capable of bringing about change in his or her heart, life and ultimately reaching out to the community and the world,” Davies said.
Zambia-based Davies is a consultant psychiatrist, healer, peace builder, author of seven books and the founder and teacher of an international healing and self-development school with students in eight countries.
She combines allopathic medicine with spiritual approaches and with her understanding of the language of the energetic system she adds a unique and effective way of giving, regaining or maintaining physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual health.
“Symptoms indicate that at some level we are in dis-ease, and merely abolishing them will often lead us to miss the true source of the problem that still requires our attention.”
Using a simple but effective ‘map’, her intuitive skills, love, compassion, good communication and of course her medical training, Davies can usually pinpoint the source of current symptoms so they can heal or give helpful suggestions for maintaining our health and preventing future illness.
“Whereas we generally tend to physical wounds when they occur, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds are often neglected, ignored, denied or covered and complete healing rarely takes place.”
With references to the political situation in Cyprus, Davies says that for whatever reason, people on both sides of the dividing line are still trying and still hoping that maybe there is another way, an alternative to the divide that currently exists and the ongoing insecurity about the status quo.
“That inner call of our souls for peace, for harmony and belonging prompts us to find yet a bit more energy to help inch forward,” Davies said.
She also stresses that the shift that will eventually bring peace to Cyprus and the world will not be by politicians, but by human hearts, one at a time.
“Peace is the potential of every human heart and mind.
“It is not someone else’s responsibility, but of every one of us.
“Peace is an active choice in each moment – one that we make again and again and yet again if necessary.”

Workshop details
The workshops will be carried out in English but there will also be translators for Greek and Turkish speakers.
The cost for the Cultivating Inner Peace Workshops from 9.30am to 5pm is €40 and an additional €10 for the Evening of Questions and Answers from 8pm to 10pm where participants can ask any questions on health, spirituality, peace and business matters.
The two-day Peace Cultivating Skills Workshop that will take place at the CCMC in the Ledra Palace Buffer Zone on May 31 and June 1 from 10am to 6pm will cost €80.
For reservations call Hatzy Joyce 99667039, for Greek speakers Katia Attalidou 99611295 or Sue Lartides 99622504 and for Turkish speakers Oya Kutsal (+90) 533 853 5507 and James Budd (+90) 533 848 8118.
For more information on venues and times visit http://www.brendadavies.com/diary


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