23 May 2014 08:44

Things are looking up for tourism this summer, said Ayia Napa Mayor Yiannis Karousos noting that efforts from all carriers to increase tourism have paid off.
He said that the aim, however, should be to attract more tourists from the UK and Scandinavian countries.
According to Karousos, among the contributing factors to the improved tourist season is the fact that there will be more flights to Larnaca from Spanish low-fare company Vueling.
Flights from Barcelona to Larnaca commence end of June with Vueling.
The Spanish company will take final decisions concerning whether it will increase its presence in Cyprus during the summer period of 2015.
Hermes Airports and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) are making efforts to attract new airlines from destinations that are not often connected to Cyprus such as central and South Europe countries including Germany, France and Italy.
Karousos also said CTO's agreement with UK's biggest travel agent will greatly contribute to an increase in the tourist wave from Britain.
Based on the agreement, it is expected that there will be a 50% increase during winter of 2015 and 35% during the summer of 2015.
"It is important to increase tourism from the UK market and Scandinavian countries in order to reduce the risk of overdependence on the Russian market," said Karousos.
Ayia Napa municipality is aiming to combat seasonality by extending the tourist period to at least end of November.
To this end, it has created a programme with cultural and other events such as bike tours, in order to maintain its image as a popular destination for locals and foreigners throughout winter.


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