22 May 2014 15:26

Oscar winning Greek American actress Olympia Dukakis has also voiced open support for the island’s first gay pride.
Dukakis, who won an Oscar as best supporting actress in Moonstruck in 1988, urged Cyprus’ LGBT community to “keep going forward …. stay the course”.
Asked by journalist Harris Mavromichalis, whether LGBT people should have the right to equal love and equal rights, the 83-year-old Greek American veteran actress replied:
“Even asking the question, ‘should they have the right’ is offensive. Even asking the question, even thinking that another human being has to ask for that ... that bothers me. We have a short period of time here and to be deprived of anything out of what people consider religious principles is repugnant.”
Asked whether she had a message for the LGBT community in Cyprus, Dukakis said:
“Just keep going forward. Keep asserting who you are, what you want. Look at the changes. Who would have expected what’s happening now where things are now. Stay the course.”
Cyprus’ first gay pride, to take place on May 31 in Nicosia, has the support of local authorities and foreign diplomatic missions.
But it has upset the church which has slammed the planned march saying that the word of God “condemns homosexuality” and considers it “a degradation and a sickness.”
On Monday, Hollywood star Whoopi Goldberg offered her backing to the event. On Tuesday, British actor and TV presenter Stephen Fry told The Cyprus Daily the Church of Cyprus “should join the civilised educated and loving world… and recognise the natural, unthreatening nature of homosexuality.”
Born in Massachusetts to Greek immigrant parents, Dukakis spent several weeks in Cyprus in spring 2012 when she staged her one woman play Rose in Nicosia and Limassol.
She has been married to actor Louis Zorich since 1962. They have three children.

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