24 May 2014 09:31

 Pupils union, the Pancyprian Co-ordinating Student Committee (PSEM) yesterday complained about the location used for the combined high school final and university entrance exam in Ancient Greek.
According to an open letter, to the Children’s Rights Commissioner, Education Ministry’s Director of Middle Education and the media, PSEM president Panayiotis Monoyios said some 100 pupils—all those taking the specific exam in the Nicosia district- were made to take the exam in the inside sports facilities at Acropolis Lyceum.
Pupils in other districts, Monoyios said, took the exam in groups of 12 with a separate classroom for each group.
“This is a subject that, beyond the usual quiet required for exams in every subject, requires particular quiet and good acoustics and the exam include spelling dictation of an ancient text,” he said.
Monoyios said PSEM demanded to know what criteria were used for the indoor sport ground’s selection “as a place where we are giving one of the most defining exams of our lives”.
He said the presence of 100 pupils and 40 adjudicators would unavoidably lead to noise.
“The Commisioner for Children’s Rights, to whom the issue has been reported, will demand an explanation.
“On our part, we want the necessary measures to be taken so that other children do not get unfair treatment in the future,” Monoyios said.
He added: “We remind once again that priority in education should be the safeguarding of our interests and not ‘policing’ us and making things easier for the adjudicators.”


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