24 May 2014 15:30

NICOSIA - Afternoon rainfall is expected on  Saturday and Sunday  with a chance the sudden wet weather will continue to a lesser degree through to the beginning of next week.
Speaking to The Cyprus Weekly, Meteorological Service forecaster Stefania Loizou said isolated showers, thunder storms and even hail that began in the mountains and inland yesterday were expected to continue on Saturday, mainly from the afternoon onwards.
“Sunday will be mostly fine but there may be isolated showers in the afternoon, mainly in the mountains,” she said.
Loizou said Monday and Tuesday were also anticipated to be mainly fine with a strong chance of isolated rain in the mountain during the afternoon and the possibility of thunder storms on Monday.
The temperature over the coming days is expected to reach a maximum of 31°C inland, 27-28 °C on the south and east coasts and 25°C on the west and north coast. In the mountains, the maximum temperature is anticipated to reach a high of 21°C.
“May is a month of extreme weather conditions,” Loizou said: “So the rain and storms are not unusual. The temperatures are also not above the usual limits.”
Heavy rain earlier this month meant 314% of May’s average rainfall had already fallen by yesterday, Meteorological Service statistics confirmed.
The new bout of rain is however very welcome as official figures on dam capacity yesterday stood at an average of just 45% compared to 85.3% for the same time last year.
The capacity for individual dams differed greatly between them, with 100% capacity at Kalopanayiotis Dam but only 13.1% capacity at Kalavassos and 13.8% at Achna Dam.
On the same date last year, Kalopanayiotis Dam’s capacity was also 100% while Kalavassos stood at 57.9% and Achna Dam at 40.6% capacity.
It is also worth noting the dams are of various sizes with the one at Kalopanayiotis for example even at full capacity, holding only a fraction of the water the largest dam, at Kouris, can hold. Kouris Dam was yesterday at 36.9% capacity and, on the same date in 2013 it was almost bursting at 91.3% capacity.
Needless to say most of the heavy downpours earlier this month fell in the sea rather than in the dams.


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