27 May 2014 11:58

The Environment Services of the British Bases are trying to raise awareness about a very rare plant found only in two coastal areas of Cyprus as they begin to take steps to secure its protection.
The plant in question is a succulent Hemicryptophyte commonly known as an Ice Plant or Sour Fig and goes by the Latin name carpobrotus edulis.
Locally, the plant grows on the beachfront of Pyla and in some locations of the Akamas coastline. It is reported to be a wonderful, rare plant which, very much like beach lilies, grows in the sand.
Uncontrolled vehicle access in recent years on Pyla beachfront has led to a dramatic drop in the number of these plans that can be found there.
That is why, the Office of the Environmental Policy Administration of the SBAs, with the approval of London, has decided to create a protection zone (the length of about 100 metres) for the plant on the beach Pyla.
Metal barriers have been place on site and from now on will be a prohibited area in order to control the parking of vehicles in the area.
Pyla Council spokesman welcomed the move from the Bases which he said aimed to protect the carpobrotus edulis and also highlights the case of this rare and magnificent Cyprus plant, the existence of which few may be aware of.
He also noted that in the area where measures are to be taken to protect the plant, the Pyla Community Council intended to use part of the beach, therefore the Bases’ Environment Service’s initiative facilitates this effort.
According to regular patrons of the beach, the plant blooms from late April to early May and blossoms until early July.
Emergeing through a unique green underneath, is the red foliage of the plant, while at midday, the blossoms show off their most beautiful aspect, seen as it seems that the plant is affected positively by the heat.


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