28 May 2014 17:16

Motorists using Grivas Dighenis Avenue in the capital should watch their speed as the grace period for the pair of newly activated traffic cameras along the notorious stretch of road is set to end on June 2.
According to Traffic Police Chief Demetris Demetriou, drivers who are recorded exceeding the speed limit this week will be contacted by the authorities and given a verbal warning.
"But on Monday all offending motorists will be fined," warned the chief, adding that as the cameras and the positive results they reap continue to receive more media coverage, the number of violations is expected to drop.
"At present we have a minimum of 1,800 violations along this road each day. Our aim is not to punish drivers with fines but to put an end to this chronic speeding problem which has been troubling the police and residents of Engomi for many years now."
During the camera system's three-week pilot run, an average of 2,000 offences involving motorists breaking the legal speed limit of 50km/ph have been recorded each day.  
Data from the pilot run has revealed that an average of 20,000 cars travel along Grivas Dighenis every day with the number increasing over the weekends.
The majority of speeding offences take place between 3pm and midnight with violations reaching the highest levels between 3pm and 9pm on Fridays - an average of 100 offences per hour.
Last weekend 92,210 vehicles used the road with 4,705 violations recorded. Interestingly, a much higher proportion of motorists travelling in the direction of Makedonitissa have been found to flout the speed limit rather than those heading towards the city centre.
The clampdown on speed which is targeting boy racers who regularly use the road as a racing strip will also be aided by four speed bumps - two on each side of the avenue.
Construction of the bumps is set to start on June 14 and they are expected to be functional before the end of the month.
Demetriou described the cameras as two watchful police officers that have been permanently stationed on Grivas Dighenis and capable of recording speeding offences 24 hours a day.
"We are confident that the cameras in combination with the speed bumps will bring a final end to this problem," said the chief.
In addition, the Ministry of Communications is going ahead with plans to launch a tender for an islandwide speed camera network that is expected to be up and running by February next year. The newly installed cameras in Engomi will operate independently from the wider network.


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