28 May 2014 14:48

 Turkish Cypriot candidates in Sunday’s European Parliament elections including independent Sener Levent said that they will seek the cancellation of the elections in court, following claims that 30,000 Turkish Cypriots were not allowed to vote.
According to the figures provided by the election service, a total of 58,637 Turkish Cypriots were registered on the electoral roll, while only 1,869 turned up to vote.
Turkish Cypriot candidates have been calling on the government and the EU authorities to scrap the results and stage new elections, as they claim that 30,000 were turned away at the special polling stations that had been set up.
Speaking on state radio yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister Ioannis Kasoulides explained that only Turkish Cypriot voters with registered addresses in the north were automatically included on the electoral roll.
Those with Cypriot identity cards who have registered addresses in the government-controlled areas should have made registrations in the same way that Greek-Cypriots who reside here did, the minister said.
The issue was also raised by Chief Returning Officer Constantinos Nicolaides after United Cyprus party leader Izzet Izcan claimed that the elections were ‘undemocratic’ and asked for a re-run.
Nicolaides said that the election service took all necessary actions to facilitate voting for Turkish Cypriots, including setting up 50 special polling stations, organising buses and providing all documents in the Turkish language.
Interior Minister Socrates Hasikos said that under the law only those with a registered address were allowed to vote and that a few hundred Turkish Cypriot voters had been turned away after discovering that their name was not on the electoral register.


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