30 May 2014 09:27

A 53-year-old police inspector has been ordered to pay €30,000 compensation to a female colleague after having been found guilty of circulating a video of them engaged in a sex act without her permission.
The Nicosia District Court heard that the 32-year-old female officer began an extramarital relationship with the married officer in 2004.
In 2006, she agreed to let him film her performing oral sex on him under the agreement that the video would later be deleted and never seen by anyone else.
The victim said she was in love with her colleague and was falsely led to believe that he would leave his wife for her.
The following year, when she realised this would never happen, she broke off the relationship and then started receiving threats from the officer who said he would circulate the video unless she agreed to start having sex with him again.  She refused and the video was forwarded via MMS to a number of colleagues in the Nicosia police station they both worked at.  
During police questioning the male officer admitted having a lengthy affair with the complainant but denied ever filming her during sex. In its ruling the court said the policeman's quality of character was revealed in his most recent interview with investigators in which he said of the complainant: "She has had sexual relations with many men."
"This statement has one purpose which is to cause further emotional distress and embarrassment to the complainant."
"The defendant was fully aware that the video was confidential but decided to circulate it with her name and work position after being scorned by her rejection."
In a separate decision related to the same case, the court ruled that the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) was not guilty of libel after running a news segment on the short video clip featuring the two officers.
According to the court decision, CyBC did not publish the female officer's name or play any of the footage she appeared in.
It only mentioned that the female officer in the video worked at a police station in the Nicosia district.
"This information alone did not identify the complainant as at the time 145 were employed as police officers in the capital," the court ruled.


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