31 May 2014 09:49

 Pole fishers may need to secure special permits to carry on practising their favourite pastime, as the Fisheries Department has raised alarm over the lack of a legislative framework to monitor the rise in amateur fishing.
As a result of the increase in pole fishers who are thought to be in the thousands, the Agriculture Department is discussing the possibility of enforcing permits, after an open dialogue with ministry officials and organised groups.
Meanwhile, interest in dam fishing has also increased in recent years with permits exceeding 3,000. Particular interest is shown from abroad and especially by visitors from Russia and the United Kingdom.
The Fisheries Department is making efforts to enrich the dams with various kinds of fish including carp, sea bass, catfish and perch, while there is continuous monitoring of the dams especially during summer when water reserves drop and some fish may need to be transferred to other dams or the department’s research station in Kalopanayiotis.
Fishing in dams entails strict regulations as it is only allowed using a pole and each person is prohibited from using more than one fishing pole, while fishers are not allowed to fish more than seven, five or ten fish, according to the kind.
According to the Fisheries Department, any violations of the relevant legislation and the limitations can lead to a fine up to €8,500, six months imprisonment or both.


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