02 June 2014 09:26

Scottish newspaper The Southern Reporter has joined efforts to get two dogs rescued from Cyprus to be re-homed.
An article in the Selkirk-based newspaper's online edition yesterday, entitled
'Cyprus rescue dogs still seek new home,' said: "Two dogs saved from being destroyed in Cyprus and brought to the Borders are still waiting for someone to come forward and give them a new home."
The newspaper said earlier this month English Pointer crossbreeds Marcus and Steena benefited from emergency fundraising via Facebook, which saw them taken out of a dog pound in Cyprus and flown to Scotland.
"The pair are now being fostered by Mary Thomson, at her Sawmill Boarding Kennels, near Gordon, who has been working with the dogs as they are understandably nervous. Disappointingly, however, despite widespread publicity, Marcus and Steena are still waiting to find a new permanent home," The Southern Reporter said.
Thomson told the newspaper: "The problem seems to be that the volunteers in Cyprus wanted the dogs to stay together and it is an ongoing discussion at the moment about splitting them up.
"The dogs are doing fine, but I feel that they need to move on from here and have a permanent home so that their rehabilitation can continue.
"They will need a very secure garden as they have been used to roaming around and are also no good with children, cats or anything that moves, so it narrows the field down somewhat.
"The ideal person will need time and lots of dog experience."
Thomson says she will foster the dogs as long as necessary, but added: "I've been taking them out separately and they are responding really well out of sight of each other, but my time is limited with the kennels getting busier by the day."
Several Cyprus-based shelters work with volunteers overseas to have dogs re-homed overseas, usually in Germany or the UK. It was not immediately clear which of these shelters Marcus and Steena and had been staying at.
Thomson has been giving updates on the dogs' adjustment to their new life so far on her kennels' Facebook page.


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