03 June 2014 08:55

Limassol-born 24-year-old University College London graduate Stylianos Lambrou, founder of Social Airways is no stranger to online platforms seen as he already has VillageXpress and Heart Cyprus under his wing.
And his new business venture, “Social Airways” aims to bring together travellers and make transatlantic trips an enjoyable experience – by creating a search engine for those who want added value to their journey.
In a nutshell, the platform aims to put an end to boredom, the uncomfortable glares and the sometimes tactless and tedious conversations one has to have with their neighbour whilst trapped on board.
Social Airways is touted as a means to break the ice with your co-travellers before you even step on the plane.
By entering the flight number on the website SocialAirways.com, your interests, and what kind of person you would like to be seated next to you, the site in turn looks for the most ideal passenger through its database.
People on the site will also be able to find out who will be visiting the places of interest you have entered on the site and will give the opportunity to share costs of transport and share accommodation means should you want to do so.
Through the mobile application, people will also be able to find out information about the destination.
“The website is in its infancy stage, but over time it will slowly–slowly become better and even more friendly for travellers,” stated an announcement on the innovative idea.


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