30 August 2014 10:07

Nearly 2,000 calls for help were received by the Association for Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family in the last four months alone, with 102 of the victims being children.
Of the 102 child victims of violence, 39% reported psychological violence, 6% psychological and physical violence, 1% psychological and sexual violence and 2% neglect.
But most of the domestic abuse victims (83%) were women including nine pregnant women during the first six months.
Over half (56%) were wives or partners of their attacker, 11% were ex-wives or partners, 20% the daughter or mother of their attacker. Some 78% lived with the person who attacked them and 70% have children.
A whopping 84% said they had experienced similar violence before and 29% said they had been experiencing violence from a young age.
Also, 26% of the victims who approached the association are unemployed.
Around 41% fell victim to psychological violence, 50% to psychological and physical violence, 6% to psychological, physical and sexual violence and 1% reported neglect.
The figures also showed that 19% of those exercising violence on their families had in the past been victims of domestic violence themselves.
The majority of attackers (78%) were men, 16% women, and 2% minors.
Some 9% have alcohol problems, 6% gambling problems, 7% use drugs, and 19% said they were having affairs.
The calls were made to a new telephone service centre operating since April 30.
According to the analysis of the calls made between April 30 and August 25, some 1,931 calls were received.
The analysed calls include only those made to 1440 during the association’s opening hours, Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm and the association estimates the number of calls is 25-30% greater.
Between 5-10pm on weekdays and between 10am-10pm on weekends and public holidays, calls are transferred to a separate, non-monitored line.
According to data, the first six months of the year saw 812 cases brought to its attention, of which 314 involved first-time requests for assistance. Some cases involved more than one telephone call to the association.
Support over the phone was provided in 633 cases and, in 177, arrangements were made for counselling sessions with a psychologist.
Some 35 of the cases included requests for shelter and since the start of the year the association has offered refuge to 54 victims of domestic violence.


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