15 February 2013 21:27

Cypriots yesterday got to hear for the first time the song that will carry the island’s hopes in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo in May. 
The Greek ballad - entitled “An Me Thimase” (If You Remember Me) - will be performed by Cypriot singer Despina Olympiou with lyrics by Zenon Zindilis and music by Αndreas Georgallis
It was presented at a press conference at CyTA’s headquarters in Nicosia yesterday. Cytmobile/Vodaphone is undertaking the sponsorship of the team who will go to Malmo for the competition.
Zenon Zintilis described the song as being about love and separation.
“The song is about two people who were once together but are now separated but still share feelings for each other and hope to meet again. It’s also about the people who are no longer in our lives but who we still miss,” said Zintilis.
Also speaking at the conference, Despina Olympiou said she was proud to represent Cyprus in the competition.
“I first listened to the song and I fell in love with it immediately and this is why I decided to take part in the competition. I also trust the creators of the song and the team who have given me great support and love.”
“Through these difficult economic times for Cyprus it’s important for us to make a good impression by giving a performance with positive messages. As I have stated many times, music brings us together.
I love music and this is why I sing, to communicate with people. For me this contest is a great opportunity to be part of such a big music event and do what I do best, sing. I hope you will like the song.”
Olympiou added that she watched the competition on TV when she was young but never imagined she would be part of it.
When asked about the Greek lyrics, Olympiou said that this is a way for Cyprus to show its true identity, its Greek roots.
“Our aim was to communicate through music because music has no borders, and to communicate through Greek.”
Olympiou will give a solo performance and will be dressed by Pantelis Mitsou.
The 58th Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will take place on May 14, 16 and 18 in Malmö, Sweden following Loreen's win in the 2012 Contest with the song "Euphoria" at Baku, Azerbaijan.
The song was selected by the RIK Board of Directors.


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