17 February 2013 11:29

Nicosia - Μost births in Cyprus take place in September, the most popular car colour is white and the public debt analogy per person is €15,000.
Cyprus’ Statistical Service published the above and other data on its official website in the context of the International Year of Statistics, with a view to increase awareness on the possibilities statistical data offers to all areas of society.
Amounting to 51.4% of the population women outnumber men in Cyprus. This is further supported by the fact that women have a life expectancy of 83 years as opposed to 79 years for men.
Maria, Eleni and Androula are the three more popular names for women in Cyprus whilst me are more often than not called Andreas, Giorgos or Costas.
Cypriots tend to marry quite early since the average age for men is 30 and women 28. At the same time, about 30% of marriages or 307 out of 1,000 will end in divorce.
Business management is the most popular study choice for Cypriots, the 2nd most popular being mechanics for men and teacher training for women.
At the same time, one in three Cypriots in the labour market, are employed in the services industry.
Women are paid less for their work with an average of €1,400 per month as opposed to €1,700 for men. According to the Statistical Service, the above data concern one out of two Cypriot residents.
Approximately half of the population resides in a house, while 40% lives in houses with central heating. On an average basis, houses in Cyprus are 141 m2.
For every ten residents there are seven registered cars whilst one in a thousand have reported to the police that they have been involved in an accident during the course of a year.
Statistical data show that every person in Cyprus consumes 58 kg of bread, 88 liters of milk and 57 liters of beer. At the same time production of urban refuse amounts to 660 kg per person.
Mobile telephony is popular in Cyprus with 1,266 subscriptions to every thousand residents. About one in five Cypriots have used the internet for purchases mainly as regards holidays, while one in six prefers to conduct his / her banking transactions via the internet.
Cypriots travel at least once a year abroad while also staying in a hotel or other tourist accommodation in Cyprus. However, data shows that each Cypriot only visits the movies once a year.
Four out five young people aged 16 – 24 use social network sites.(CNA)


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