12 May 2014 17:40

Scottish actor, playwright and musician Matthew McVarish will be in Cyprus from May 18 to 24 as part of the European campaign Road to Change, which aims to fight child sexual abuse.
The Road to Change is a 16,000 walk visiting 31 of the capital cities in the European Union on foot, to raise awareness about child sexual abuse, build solidarity between organisations and communities, support survivors and influence social and political change.
McVarish, European Ambassador for Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse in Washington DC, will be walking the road to change alone but anyone who would like to join him is welcome.
According to project manager Amanda Thompson, in each country McVarish meets with high level politicians, university departments, survivors, agencies, celebrities, and the media, in an effort to raise awareness regarding the issue of sex abuse.
"A number of British Embassies have supported the project and, where possible, the British Ambassadors have walked short distances with Matthew to show their support for the RTC," Thompson says.
The RTC has attracted major media coverage with local, national and international media and has reached millions across the EU with the message that we all need to help stop the silence.
"Some journalists have remarked that Matthew is the first male survivor they have interviewed who admits he was sexually abused in his childhood," Thompson says.
So far he has walked over 6,600km stopping in every capital city he has reached to continue the good work.
In February 2014 in Bratislava, the RTC's manifesto was taken to parliament after a successful meeting with an MP.
The Road to Change began in London on May 31, 2013 and will end in Edinburgh in February 2015, stretching over approximately 20 months. It will pass through the capital cities of 29 European Union member states, including the four nations of the United Kingdom as well as Geneva, Switzerland.
McVarish will be conducting screenings of the hailed film 'To Kill A Kelpie,' an Edward M. Smith production developed from the original play by McVarish and presented by Stop the Silence and the Moira Anderson Foundation.
The screenings are followed by an open discussion and educational programming developed by STS.
RTC is being supported by and benefits the programmes and services of STS in partnership with the Moira Anderson Foundation (MAF) in Scotland, the National Centre Protection Training Centre in the US, other organisations, McVarish himself, and other individuals.
For more information or to make a donation visit http://roadtochange.eu/


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